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Explore advanced treatments for brain and spinal tumors, vascular issues, and degenerative spine conditions, all tailored to individual needs. Our neurosurgical services extend beyond traditional procedures, offering minimally invasive techniques, endoscopic surgeries, and innovative interventions for optimal patient outcomes.

With a commitment to excellence, we provide specialized care for neurosurgical conditions affecting patients of all ages. Our multidisciplinary approach ensures collaboration between neurosurgeons, neurologists, and rehabilitation experts, delivering comprehensive solutions for those seeking top-tier neurosurgical care.

Discover a world-class neurosurgery experience that prioritizes your well-being. Trust in our expertise to navigate the complexities of neurological health, bringing you closer to a life of improved neurological function and enhanced overall wellness.

黃偉基 (神經外科專科醫生)|訊智醫療中心 AIMC

Dr. Wong Wai Kei

Specialist in Neurosurgery